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airCalc++ is a module based selection and trading software for AHU’s, focusing on flexibility and customizability. Thanks to this modular structure airCalc++ can be adjusted to the needs, quantity of users and finical budget of our customers, you only have to pay fore what you are using, but still at any time with the possible to add modules for new features. This gives airCalc++ the possibility to grow with your business. 


airCalc++ is no standard out of the box software you have to accept as given, thanks to his 4 main pillar design you can adjust and modify airCalc++ based on your needs and reality.


Software should follow the needs of users and not reverse


airCalc’s 4 main pillar are:


Core application:

The core application is developed by ISC and is the same collection of files and code for all of our customers. The core application covers all graphical parts, the user interface, based calculation like physical rules, Eurovent / RTL / EcoDesing rules and the interfaces to the following pillars. The core application builds the skeleton of the software



All selection rules, calculation rules and based data of components are stored in the database. You as customer get this database as open file, during the first 2 workshops we teach you how to work with it in a fast and efficient way.

The database builds the software brain indicating the core application how you would like having selected or calculated your AHU. Adding new components is a meter of adding new lines to several tables, explaining the core application the steps to perform

We are providing already on startup a well filled database, filled with parameters and rules based on our experience. On the fist meeting we personalize the software already for you based on your corporate identity and we setup together with you casing types, with technical characteristic and trade names. From this moment on you are free to change and adjust settings in the database as you want, it is your version of airCalc++


airCalc++ is ready for technical calculations after the first meeting


Programming API DotNet:

As extension to the database the software is providing an application programming interface available in every DotNet programming language to extend airCalc++ with 3 party features or add-ons you create. It is possible to fully control airCalc++ by the API, you are free to develop and integrate what ever you want.


Black Boxes:

An AHU is a mix of purchase and self production components assembled to one working unit. As purchase parts are building a very important part of the AHU and are mainly defining the performance data we integrated more then 30 AHU component supplier softwares in our software. We are covering all major components (fans, coils, humidifier, heat recovery systems…) of all major suppliers (Comefri, Nicotra Gebhardt, DBM…), we can also provide you an up to date list of all integrated supplier software.

The reason of this Black Boxes is to bring the user in the position to calculate all components in one software without switching, copy & past data, and loosing time. The selection process is smooth and user friendly as everything is handle with the same simple and user friendly interface. 


This software design enables us to cover the needs of more then 50 companies over the last 30 years, and this is the crucial distinctive feature to other providers on the market. You are not limited by your software supplier resources, you can adjust and integrate features without additional costs as you can do it by your own in real time.


More than 5000 salesman and production engineers worldwide are using airCalc++ daily!


airCalc++ boost your efficiency by covering everything from unit design, about the technical calculation to the sales price list, from the offer to the order, from the bill of material list for purchase parts to the drawings and commands for automatic machining (NC), up to the optimized selection of trucks and loading list.


airCalc++ reduce your elaboration time from many hours to a few minute with a quality upgrade!


airCalc++ is ready to use and is the first choose software for AHU selection with delivery on order. You can use your airCalc++ immediately after the first workshop where we add together data about your construction and design to the database; no additional programmers work is need. All customers are using the same software version, you have access to all our experience and the experience of all our customers in a cost efficient way.


airCalc++ is the standard in the world of AHU manufacturers and the continuous development of airCalc++ is guaranteed.


We are collecting all the wishes from our customers and with nearby weekly updates we can release a lot of new features. In this way you can get big extensions with low cost. 


Our job is to extend the number of blackboxes and to actualize the versions. More and more supplier gives us the order to integrate their components in our software airCalc++ and all this without additional cost for our customer.


In every package at least 7 days of intensive personal training is included. During the meeting / training you will learn how you can manage the base data and how you have to use the software. We will teach you on existing data and show you how to extend airCalc++ with personalized products. Entering your special rules for TÜV, VDI or EUROVENT is not a problem, you can do it by your own, of course all base certification rules are active from scratch on.


In 3 to 6 months you can have airCalc++ 90% running with your data, prices and rules. 


This time can be shorter if you have a good responsible as database manager. This time isn't depending from us but you need this time to collect some rules and data to enter on database. It goes to be your database and not a common calculation. 


Please note: airCalc++ was certified many times from German TÜV during RLT certification and also during EUROVENT certification. Each customer passed the certification of the software without any problem. Around 25 of our customer are having such certificates and a lot of other customers actually are on certifying airCalc++ with their AHU products.


airCalc++ works as default in many different languages, included English, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian,  Russian and a lot more . More than 15 languages are available, if your language is missing you can extend airCalc++ with other languages by entering the translation into your database.


airCalc++ helps you to save time and money in 4 steps


  • Build detailed quotation in a short time

  • All needed documents are printable with one click

  • Purchase part list can be exchange with your ERP system truth a interface to avoid manual entering of parts 

  • All production parts can be generated automated with a single click


With airCalc++ you can work faster and more specific, airCalc++ is the right tool from the quotation to the delivery, tested and used by more than 5000 installations. Worldwide!


ISC is not only a software seller, we are specialists in AHU selection and production workflow.


Very important:

Buying a software license gives you get the rights to use the software without limitations in your main company, for agents and for “external” offices, which are working with and for you. There isn't any installation limit, only the database administrator tool and production tool is linked to the main company. No additional cost for network installation or software distribution to your agents or other engineer offices.


You are not buying a software, you are investing in your future, do not accept compromises.


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