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airCalc SAAS

We at ISC are firmly convinced that it is only fair to give also small companies or start-ups the opportunity to work with the tools of the professionals and market leaders.


From our many years of experience, we have learned that usually newcomers to market are forced to buy products or solutions which they are not really convinced or have long since ceased to represent the state of the art because of their usually very limited budget. Knowing that the solution acquired today will no longer be able to withstand the requirements or the growth of the company.


We know that young companies have to cope with permanent changes and therefore want to offer their solutions, which can avoid at least keep the Damocles sword from a software change.



airCalc LT, airCalc the software to which the professionals trust in the LT version.



However, airCalc LT offers the same technical feature as airCalc with the following limitations:

  - No offline installations: airCalc is operated via the airCalc Cloud and managed by ISC to 100%.

  - No open database. ISC provides a personalized database and is responsible for updating and


  - No API. The programming interface is not available for LT customers. If required, personalization is

    carried out by ISC


The advantages at a glance:


  - airCalc, modular and always expandable software

  - Ready for use in the shortest possible time

  - No installation and software distribution necessary since on central server

  - Experts take care of the installation, activation, and updates

  - None required in-house resources

  - Can be used fully after 3-4 weeks

  - Low entry cost and small monthly rates Cloud Consume

  - A solution forever, no software change necessary

  - The solution to start, possible to upgrade to airCalc full.


AirCalc LT, the SaaS / Cloud Tool from ISC for all those who want everything and want to do as little as possible.

To be perfectly prepared for the future with the calm one! Trust experts when it comes to the backbone of your company.

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