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airCalc NEXT

airCalc is one of the most known and appreciated configuration software tool for the Air Handling Units Industry


We are now developing Aircalc NEXT, a web-based online AHU configurator with the power of airCalc built for the future. Aircalc NEXT inherits 40 years’ experience from AHU configuration packaged in modern web technology with a designed user experience.


Aircalc NEXT runs in the web-browser online with no installations needed on the client computers. Same as the airCalc desktop it is highly configurable, and data is maintained with the online data backend tool Promaster ( Aircalc NEXT support modular and compact units in wide range with endless configuration possibilities. Users’ units are stored in cloud-based database accessible from any computer.


Aircalc NEXT integrates with around more than 50 different AHU component supplier black boxes for calculation of fans, coils, heat exchangers etc.

The units are visualised in 3D where user can see the internal of the unit components as well as the casing and panel construction.

airCalc NEXT integrates with airCalc Production Module.


Other features supported by Aircalc Next

  -Technical calculation of each selected component
  -Calculation of certification, EUROVENT ECODESIGN EU1253
  -Technical Data Sheet for each selected section
  -Drawing in scale of the unit for each view side, with dimensions and notes
  -Drawing export as DWG, DXF
  -Graphic charts: Fan curves, noise charts, Moliere diagram
  -Price calculation in detail or as sum
  -Weight calculation
  -Production and assembling time calculation, usable also for price building
  -Bill of material for purchase parts like fans, motors, filter, heat exchanger and others

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