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airCalc open modeling

airCalc can produce 2D drawings for design and 3D drawings as well. Furthermore, airCalc can produce export files using the API functions with close to unlimited possibilities.

Having seen the numerous requested formats and integration wishes, we developed the “airCalc Open Modeling” definition.

Using this definition, airCalc is able to transmit all needed information, so that other systems and programmers are able to create AddIns, converters and other software, to communicate with the world of CAD and BIM. airCalc itself uses this format to create its own 3D view of a unit.

That means: airCalc is open for linking with other software. Each one can use that format and each one can do with the created information whatever he wants.

A link with Inventor, a PlugIn in Revit, a connection to CADVent, a data transfer to GERALD, geometrical data exchange with ERP Systems, all of that and much more is possible

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