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The purpose of having such a solution is to be able to activate or block a single PC at each moment by a web interface. In addition, you get a detailed overview of your distributed and installed versions as well as the last login date of every single PC. As a bonus, you can also remotely update tblOffice and tblUsersC and provide update notifications directly to the user.


By adding some lines to the database on each airCalc startup the legality of the airCalc version is checked. For every single PC a unique identification ID is created based on used hardware, so on every airCalc startup, airCalc will contact the web server checking if this specific PC is still allowed to run airCalc. On a positive check, a local validation file will be stored, allowing the user to use airCalc for a predefined amount of days even without internet connection. Once this period ends, again an internet connection is necessary to re-enable to software. If this PC has not been enabled yet for airCalc usage, the airCalc administrator will get a notification email, informing him that a new PC has tried to run airCalc. So the airCalc admin can check if this PC is legal and enable it, or block it for any future requests.

Every enabled PC can be disabled over the web interface to block any further software use, for example in case a sales agent leaves the company.

In addition to the mentioned features, you can also push out user and office data to each and every single pc remotely and automatically. Adding or changing a user/office will not require any more a database update, but you can add/modify the data locally and then push them to the web server. The next time a user starts airCalc and is connected to the internet, he will get automatically the update tblUsersC and tblOffice tables added to his database.

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