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casing editor

The casing editor is a rules driven algorithm to determine the most cost efficient profile and panel constellation under taken in consideration all technical expect of your unit and company, as max panel dimension, unit design and stability.


The casing editor is an add-on module to the airCalc++ selection module, and proceeds seamlessly from the selected and soled unit in airCalc++. Every change like manually added doors, changed opening sizes, moved components… are overtaken and build the base for the casing editor, so no additional work for the contraction office is needed to reproduce the unit by hand or reenter the unit in an additional module. With one click airCalc++ determinates what casing profiles are necessary, where Omega (intermediate) profile are needed, like for doors or to reinforce for heavy components.


All this decisions airCalc++ casing editor takes based on agreed rules during the 3 days casing editor startup meeting. Base on some AHU actually in production the base rules where determinate and setup in airCalc++. All this rules are in the database and visible and modifiable for the database administrator.


As result airCalc++ pops up a 3D drawing of the casing, indicating all different types of profiles, panel, doors and opening, with a multi functional editor to change or modify the result if some special adjustments are needed. The construction office can change directly in 3D, moving, adding, splitting panels, changing type of profiles, change materials for single components, change types of panels…


All changes are saved to the project file, and can be exchanged with other offices or users.

The adjusted 3D model builds the base for all 2D production printouts with detail assembly information for the assembly group, to guaranty the best possible information flow from the office to the production. No additional printouts are needed as all information and drawings to assemble the casing are immediately available.


The contraction process with airCalc++ casing editor can be speed up by up to 10x!


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