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Energy label

and certification calculator

The time has passed in which units have been soled on trust, nowadays certifications are needed to highlight the certified performance of calculated units. airCalc++ from startup is equipped with the most common certification rules like ERP EcoDesign Lot 6, Eurovent EEC2016, RLT V16 and SFP calculation.


As we are in charge of a lot big players in the AHU market with have best contacts to the certification commits to get important information’s before officially released to have a time advantage for integration to be prepared before the new rules become mandatory. As we are in contact with many companies we have excellent information’s in how rules can be interpreted in the most positive way for our customers.


As we are taking chare of all new or changed rules you not have to waist your time, we will inform you as soon as the software is ready with a detailed and easy understandable interpretation of the news.


We guarantee for all of our customers to pass the software certification at the first try!


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