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airCalc CLOUD

ISC introduces the next step of AHU computing. A browser based version of the most powerful air handling unit selection available on the market.

All the known features in a hassle free way, ready to used and available for everyone.

Keep your data centralized and provide always and to everyone the latest version and best user experience.

Run airCalc in one of the most powerful datacenter available in Europe, full speed on every device, it does not matter how old or what kind of hardware you are using.

The future is now, welcome to the airCalc++ cloud

airCalc++ cloud provides all the known benefits and power of airCalc++ without the hassle of installing, updating and maintaining the application on an endless amount of PCs. It simply works, always and everywhere, directly in the browser, it does not matter on what device or operating system, it simply works!

Every ISC client gets his own manageable virtual backbone, where he can install, manage and update without the need of ISC help. You decide when and to what version you want to update, everything is in your hand. This machine represents your application template. By a single click, it can be published to all users, every user will start up, every time the same clean clone.
Every user access directly the latest version, everyone has the same version, no discussions, no issues with outdated prices, no support calls for installation issues. Simply a working centralised managed solution.

This concept reduces the time for preparation, distribution, and installation of updated to a fraction. This allows you to react faster to market movements, pass on immediately the benefit of lower prices to your sales guys.

All users of a company are working on the same high performance 24/7 on hosted SQL Server database to guaranty maximum performance and maximum security. All projects are stored on the cloud server, with daily backups for maximal data safety.
Forget lost projects, because of stolen notebooks or broken hard disks. Everything is securely stored in a leading European data center operated by the leading cloud service provider. This fact can let you sleep soundly, as all European privacy and data security rules are respected.

You can trust on competent staff, operating in the background, ensuring the software availability, while you are focusing on your main business.


  • airCalc++ accessible from everywhere by the internet - Works on all operating systems with a browser

  • No need for powerful and expensive hardware

  • No need for software distribution and installation

  • No issues with OS systems and updates

  • Shorter updates cycles because of centralized management

  • Immediate bug fixes

  • Everyone works with the same application version

  • Distribute unlimited invitation links

  • Collaboration on the same position without the hassle of sending files

  • Sync the cloud project database with your office's database

  • Pay only what you use

  • No risk of data loss, everything saved in the cloud

  • Hosted in Germany, European laws

  • Permission management by airCalc

  • Detailed user activity logs

With the ISC DB replication service, designed for the cloud, you can keep synced your in-house SQL database with the cloud. This avoids transmitting, again and again, the same file for modifications, as everyone can access it from where ever. This brings huge improvements in efficiency, avoids overflowing mailboxes and reduces the risk of versioning.

Simplicity and a better user experience drive user more likely to use the software, as the initial hurdles faced is significantly lower, and the human from principle selects the path of least resistance. If you offer a designer an affordable and faster way to select your products, more likely he will pick you as supplier!

airCalc Cloud details


To you subscription you can add the following extras:

  • Hosting private applications on ISC airCalc cloud
  • Private Utility Server with private SQL database
  • Screen resolution 2K or 27” with Standard hardware
  • ISC preforming airCalc database + private dll update 



For any questions please feel free to contact ISC or

centralized and up to date

airCalc++ CLOUD

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