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truck and container optimizer

Truck and Container loading is always a question of time and cost. Our load optimisation module is written for AHU Producer tominimize the cost to prepare loading lists and to save money by avoiding empty spaces on the truck.

Here a short overwiew about the functions:

The delivery units

  • are either be loaded from Excel-files or directly created in the program. The Excel-files are generated with the production manager or with a separate export function. The export determines the delivery unit sizes and allows it to add surcharges to the external dimensions (e.g. for heat exchangers), always depending on the given rules.

  • can be categorized/grouped (e.g. Projects, positions).

  • can be combined to a larger unit.

  • are true to scale.

  • can be added to the truck manually via drag and drop.

  • can be optimized automatically on the first truck level.


The Trucks and Container

  • can be predifined and added to a catalog.

  • can be elected with few clicks from  the catalog and added to the project.

  • can be defined for a single project (without adding it to the catalog), e.g in case of a special transport.

  • are distinguished into cab and trailer.

  • can consist out of several levels.

  • can be changed at any time during planning.


The optimization

  • can be done automatically:

  • on truck level 1. On higer-lying levels there is a help for manual scheduling.

  • based on a algorithm for optimal 2D zoning.

  • with optional automatic rotation.

  • can be done manually:

  • via drag and drop.

  • via entering the x- and y- position.

  • with rotation of 90°.

  • with dropping assistance next to corners and edges and between two units.

  • structured from front to back .

  • with colored marking depending on valid or invalid planning.


The 3D model

  • model of the chose truck level with all its delivery units.


The Printout: and loading list

  • with header data, such as delivery address and contact information.

  • with list of planned projects and positions.

  • with listing of the various truck levels and their delivery units (also graphical). The sequence of the printed trucks can be specified by the user.


Additional functions:

  • Possibility to save an open projects.

  • Customization of the entire layout .

  • Customization of the printout.

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