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unit control

The time has passed in which AHU units were static product, nowadays makes energy efficient and adaptability a decisive role, units must be smart to fulfill the needs of modern buildings with centralized operating building management systems.


airCalc++ offers a simple but powerful engine to calculate in a fast and easy way a fully customizable unit control based on the actually selected AHU. airCalc++ understands how the unit has been designed and what control components are needed, everything what is mandatory needed to create the control will automatically be selected, the user has only to take care of additional components and accessories, he would like to add to the control, but in any case he gets a working control.


With the simple one page layout, airCalc++ breaks this complicate area of expertise down to a simple list of checkboxes with clear descriptions, everyone can select his customizes control without knowing anything about control technology.


As control technology is large field, airCalc++ has his own customizable Blackbox already integrated with unlimited possibilities, you decide what components to use and how the rules for selection should be, everything you can imagine airCalc++ can handle. It is as easy as creating an excel file!


It has never been easier to select MSR in a AHU selection software!


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