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RFC cooling

circuit calculation

Refrigeration circuits are complex mechanical and physical system whose components should be in a dynamic equilibrium against each other, every change on one side has impact on the other sides, this circumstance complicates the design of such cooling circles uncommonly.


BUT airCalc++ offers a simple and user friendly possibility to calculate all necessary components with one single click, every airCalc++ user is now in the positons to do RFC selections in a fast and simple way by his own!


airCalc++ is able to do this as all necessary BlackBoxes of all main suppliers of cooling components such as coils and compressors are available in airCalc++.

Everything can be handled trough a one mask interface bringing all needed components together on one place, no need to change data in different places, everything will be adjusted automatically based on the main input data such as capacity, refrigerant and air temperatures.


In addition to the main components (coils and compressors) a lot of additional components like valves, filter, tubes… are needed to build the circuit in a secure and professional way. As every company has his own products and needs, airCalc++ comes with an open RFC Black Box for every of our customers with the possibility to define there the products and rules what and how airCalc++ should select, it is as easy as creating an excel file!


It has never been easier to select RFC in a AHU selection software!


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