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The purpose of having such a solution is to be able to provide airCalc software, database and black box updates in a faster and easier way. The airCalc administrator can create update packages, upload them to a web server and assign them to single users or user groups. On the next airCalc startup the user will be notified and can update airCalc in an automated way by simply clicking ok on a popup mask.

This module requires also the airCalc Web Authenticator, as updates are assigned to a single PC during the activation process.

The airCalc administrator gets a new tool to pack together updates starting from the airCalcSetupBuilder folder. These updated packages represent the delta of used and not yet uploaded files. So only the modified files have to be uploaded to the server, and this leads to really small data packages. The airCalc administrator can upload as many updates as he wants, as each and every package is separated from the others. So also different airCalc software versions can be distributed at the same time to different users.  Using the web interface the airCalc administrator can see the available update packages, versions, users and also the assignment of each user to the corresponding update. To make it easier also user grouping is available so each user can be assigned to a group, and to the group, an update can be assigned. This allows a fast assignment to a huge number of users and avoids that single users are forgotten.

On each airCalc startup, airCalc will ask the web server if a new updated is available for this PC. In case there isn't airCalc will start normally, in case there is, the user will be alerted by a popup window, giving him the choice to update now or in a later moment. Postponing the update is only possible for the number of days the administrator has defined on the update properties. So we can guaranty that after this date none will be able to use an old airCalc version.

If the user accepts the update, airCalc will fully automatically check the file structure and compare it with the new file structure of the assigned update. Only the changed files will be downloaded and replaced, so also on low network connections, the update will not waste any time or bandwidth. 

After the successful update, airCalc will restart automatically and is ready to use.

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